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For more than 15 years, AMK Recycling Services has been market leaders in maintaining and repairing a wide variety of waste compaction systems. Our premium balers and compactors are manufactured in accordance with the strictest safety and quality standards. We have established a first class reputation for offering client satisfaction and dependability.


Portable Compactor

Portable Compactor These are large machines delivered by a special truck, they are collected and taken away to a waste depot for emptying. Once emptied it is returned to the site to be used again. These machines are for large volume users and are mostly used to compact general waste. They have a capacity of around 8 tons of waste before they need to be emptied and are common in many sectors such as hospitals,warehouses, manufacturing and distribution centres


Static Compactor

Static Compactor These machines are similar in principle to a portable compactor. The main difference is that the mechanical part is fixed to the ground and the bin part is detachable for emptying. These machines are more suitable for dry waste.


Both portable and static machines are very versatile and come with many different features.


Please contact our sales department for full details on the purchase or rental Services.

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