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Baler Machine

AMK Recycling Services supply a large selection of high-quality waste balers and compactors that are intended to make it easier to collect, store, and transport waste and recyclable materials in an economical and ecologically responsible way possible.


Vertical balers


Vertical baler These come in various sizes from 50 kg bales up to 600 kg bales. Vertical Balers are most commonly used to bale dry recyclables like cardboard and soft plastics. There are also special balers available for other products.



Horizontal Balers


Horizontal Balers are mostly used in very high-volume sectors like large warehousing or distribution centres. They normally make ‘mill size’ bales which can be loaded straight onto Containers for supply to the mill for reuse. These machines can bale a variety of different waste types. So do get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.

If the correct machine is used your bales may have a value and can go towards the cost of buying or renting that equipment, call us for more information.


Do you know we also have Rental Services?

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