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Expert in Baler Sales, Servicing and Repair,

The compactor & baler series has been continuously improved and developed by AMK, who have been at the forefront of innovation and product development in the waste reduction equipment market for decades.


We provide cutting-edge, inventive technology for waste reduction across a range of industries.


Our Mission

What we do today impacts our future. At AMK, we're dedicated to promoting a cleaner, greener future for our generation and future generations.

What We Believe

The AMK Recycling Services team has been repairing and servicing all types of waste compaction systems for over 15 years. Our high-grade balers and compactors, which are made to the strictest safety and quality requirements, are famous across the world. We are intent on providing customer satisfaction and have built our reputation through quality workmanship and reliability.


Our Team

The  AMK team is made up of master craftsmen with years of experience. EACH AMK BALER AND COMPACTOR IS repaired TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. In order to choose the best option for your company, AMK advisers can help you at each stage of the process. 


Our production team of fabricators, painters, electricians, hydraulic engineers and technicians carefully repair each baler and compactor.


We have supplied and installed balers to our clients nationwide. Additionally, we provide whole equipment refurbishment. Employees at the site can receive instruction from our experts on how to utilise our equipment properly.


We also offer our customers a low-cost preventative maintenance plan that helps them guarantee their employees are using SAFE TESTED EQUIPMENT. This package comes with a complete service history that is available at any time.




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