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Cardboard Balers

Cardboard waste should be compressed into small, recyclable bales.


Light-duty vertical balers-


Compact and reasonably priced equipment for compressing cardboard waste may be found in our light-duty vertical baler range. Due to the compact size, these low-volume cardboard baling presses are perfect for freeing up space in small shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, and petrol stations as well as print and packaging facilities.


These vertical balers are the ideal answer if your company has outgrown its regular recycling bin, waste, or cardboard waste container.

When your budge is tight or when your daily cardboard waste production is low, a light-duty baling machine is ideal.


Medium-duty vertical balers-


Cardboard is compressed into bales by Medium-duty vertical balers. Big-box stores, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, food producers, and distribution hubs are all excellent places to use these medium-volume cardboard baling presses.


Large and bulky cardboard boxes may be compressed with a medium-duty baling machines without first having to disassemble them since it has a larger feed opening. These robust devices are powered by single-phase and three-phase electricity.


Heavy-duty vertical balers-


Heavy-duty vertical balers have the capacity to compress large, dense cardboard waste into manageable bales. These high-capacity cardboard baling presses are perfect for recycling, retail stores, large hotels, wholesalers, manufacturers, large distribution or fulfilment centres, and warehouses.


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